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North Sea Ferries

North Sea ferries from UK to Holland, Belgium and Denmark

North Sea ferries offer a great variety of travel options, to a host of wonderful locations, all within easy reach of onward destinations across the European mainland. Forget France and Spain this year, and go for somewhere a little more unusual and interesting.

North Sea Ferries go from a variety of UK ports along the North Sea coast, and offer easy travel options for travellers in the east and north of England, and Scotland, wanting to get to the European mainland without driving 100s of miles to get to the ports on England's south coast. Click on the links on the right for full information on each North Sea ferry route.

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Leave the Route as UK-Holland and our our comparison booking engine will find all deals for Holland and Belgium from all the ferry operators For ferries to Esbjerg, Denmark, click here.

North Sea Ferries

All tickets are booked securely through our partner Leisure Direction, one of the largest ferry and tour agents in UK.

About North Sea Ferries

North sea Ferries - UK Ports

North Sea Ferries depart UK from ferry ports along the North Sea coast of England and Scotland. Click on the links to find out more about each port and the ferry routes offered: Harwich, Hull, Newcastle, Ramsgate and Rosyth.

Rosyth ferry port is about 15 miles from Edinburgh. Newcastle and Hull are well placed fro anyone travelling from the north of England, and Harwich is perfectly placed for travellers in the east and midlands. Ramsgate offers a great alternative to travellers in the south of England wanting to avoid the busy cross Channel ports at Dover.

North Sea Ferries - Destinations

North Sea ferries from UK offer a great choice of destinations on the European mainland, especially for those aiming to travel east of France. For further information on each ferry route, such as operator, booking, departure times and journey times, click on the links below.

Ferries from UK to Belgium

Hull to Zeebrugge | Rosyth to Zeebrugge | Ramsgate to Ostend

Ferries from UK to Denmark

Harwich to Esbjerg

Ferries from UK to Holland

Newcastle to Amsterdam | Harwich to Hook of Holland | Hull to Rotterdam

North Sea Ferries - Ferry Operators

The port and the destination will determine which ferry company you travel with. As mentioned above, North Sea Ferries operate from a number of ports, including Hull, Newcastle, Harwich, Ramsgate and Rosyth. The North Sea Ferry operators from UK are P&O Ferries, Stena Line, DFDS Seaways, Transeuropa Ferries and Norfolkline. Click on the links to find out more about these ferry operators, their routes and services.

All ferries will provide you with a comfortable and relaxing journey. Certain North Sea crossings, especially the longer journeys and overnight crossings, offer the chance to book a comfortable cabin and onboard accommodation. Depending on the destination, crossings can take between four and twenty hours. So you might need somewhere to rest your head other than the wheel of your car! See our pages on the specific North Sea crossings and routes.

North Sea Ferries - Prices and Fares

Prices for a North Sea ferry crossing of course vary depending on the crossing you choose, when you travel, how many travel, what type of cabin or accommodation you book (if at all) and what type of vehicle you will be taking. Use the booking engine to compare North Sea Ferries, find the best deals and cheapest fares, or click on the links above to each of the specific North Sea ferry route to find out more about finding the best prices.

Relaxing and Enjoyable Travel on North Sea Ferries

The idea of a twenty-hour ferry journey may be putting you off, but there are plenty of things to keep you and the family occupied during that time. The ferry companies are aware of the long durations, and so many provide you with a veritable feast of activities and onboard entertainment. There will be a great selection of bars and restaurants on the bigger ships, and you can spend some of your time and money shopping. P&O ferries, for example, provide you with entertainment most nights, from bands to cabaret acts. There is even the option of whiling away the hours in the cinema. Or, if youíre more of a risk-taker, treat yourself to a few hours in the casino. And if you're travelling with children, thereís no need to worry about them: some of the companies have special onboard kids clubs, so while they have fun with the gang, Mum and Dad can have a bit of time out! You can play it by ear; whether you want a relaxing journey or something a bit more fun-filled, travelling by ferry will give you the option. And itís another great advantage over flying. Flying to your destination provides you with little in the way of entertainment, apart from a film or two, and youíre unlikely to be able to get a decent meal, let along a nice walk around with fabulous ocean views!

Travelling by North Sea Ferry is not just about getting from A to B. It's the start of your holiday! And it doesnít just have to be the start; it can be half of it, or even the whole duration. Your ferry journey doesnít have to end at your destination. Many North Sea Ferries do onward journeys, enabling you to travel all around northern Europe with ease. Just make sure you take your sea legs with you!

There are so many choices available to you if youíre considering North Sea Ferry travel. Far too many people have become obsessed with Mediterranean destinations, making it overpriced and overcrowded. Do yourself a favour: do a little research and start to explore Northern Europe by sea.

Benefits of North Sea Ferry Travel

And North Sea Ferries are particularly convenient for anyone with easy access to the north or east of England.

Everyone needs a holiday from time to time. But in this day and age, travel has become more and more expensive. In our current climate, it seems as though it's impossible to find a cheap flight or holiday deal to escape for a weekend away. And flying now seems to be more hassle than it's worth, especially if you're only after a short break. Even for longer holidays, flying seems to be just plain awkward.

More and more people are deciding that travelling by ferry is the most viable option when it comes to holidaying. It's safe and convenient, and has plenty of advantages over other forms of travel. Rather than being lodged in an uncomfortably small plane for hours on end, you can travel in comfort and style with ease. And not just you, but the whole family - even the cats and dogs can come! And that's the great advantage to ferries: you can drive to the port, drive onto the boat, drive off, and it's onwards to your destination. Taking your car on holiday with you will provide you with so much more freedom than having to rely on a travel operator or taxis. If the self-drive option sounds good, ferry might be the right way for you and your family to travel.

The other great advantage of ferry holidays rather than flying is the difference in costs. Sure, you can get many a cheap deal from the no frills sites on the internet, but they often advertise without adding on fuel charges and taxes. So all of a sudden, your super-cheap flight is outrageously priced. Ferry travel is a lot cheaper, and many companies even offer last-minute accommodation discounts if you travel with them, making that long weekend away just that little bit easier on the bank balance.

Ferries from the UK go to numerous destinations. The more popular ferries have become, the greater the choice of holiday. For comprehensive information on all ferry crossings from UK, see our sister site at This will help you find all ferry routes from the UK so that you can decide where to travel to and from. For example, the choice of destination largely depends on how long you'll want to be holidaying for. If it's a long weekend away, the destination will be close. But if you have got time on your hands, take a look at destinations much further a field, especially if you're taking the car.

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